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Easy Moving with Packers and Movers ( Dwarka, Delhi)

To work with new company or to develop new skills may be others many others reasons to shift the household  from one place to others, may be any reason for shifting, now the time for hunting the reliable Relocation providers who can provide hassle free moving. The good packers and moving company provide you a safe secure and tension free shifting.

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There is lot of service providers available in Delhi/NCR but you have to work out for finding the best one among them, sources can be use  like reference, print media or Google  also available for this facility. Among the best companies Vintage Relocation is also emerging leader in this field a reliable company which is run by ex soldiers and there is famous quote by John Kegan about soldiers that     Soldiers, when committed to a task, can’t compromise. It’s unrelenting devotion to the standards of duty and courage, absolute loyalty to others, not letting the task go until it’s been done” so Vintage Relocation is itself is a name of trust.


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To avoid the fraud companies in this field you must go for a proper research or you can directly go for a Vintage Relocation who offer you the best services and provide you a transit insurance which assures if any goods gets damage then there will be insurance available for that. The services in this sector which Vintage Relocation provide are as follows.


(i).       Local Move: Move within Delhi/NCR , many service providers available in the market, we ensure that the move should be in a way that the customer feel the positivity of our team, positive attitude of our team effect our work and improves the quality.


(ii)       Inter state move: Move in Delhi or outside Delhi Vintage Relocation presence is pan India we provide the quality across the country our team resolve the problems with professionalism we know that no one is perfect but if any things not going in a right way then our team resolves the problem in a professional manner.


(iii)      Vehicle Transportation: Car Transportation service, Vintage relocation provides you the service equipped with latest technologies and ensures the vehicle is to be transported in their carriers only. Vintage Relocations takes utmost care of your vehicle, we value your feeling and feels pride in taking care of your valued goods. We know that are not carrying the car only we feels the feeling we know we carrying the memories with us.


(iv)      Warehousing/Storage: We offers warehousing/ storage facility also to customers.


Finding a Quality Packers and Movers in Your Locality



Use of Technology in Packers and Movers Industry

Forget 1980 now you are in world of technology where daily new inventions are happening, IT plays very important role in shaping the small business.

Packers and movers business seems to be very traditional and unorganized sector, technology plays a great role in making this sector to organized. Those days are gone when packing and moving being run by the transporters normally use to hire and transfer goods. Using of technology is always help in organizing the business like using of mobile technology in this business helps much in upgrading the quality and discipline, using the GPS tracking system also upgraded this sector performance. It is proved that using of right technology always helpful for boosting the sales and quality service.


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How technology is helping the Packers and movers business:-

  • Communication: Technology makes a approach easy and simple packing and moving can easily grow by using Google Ads, face book, What’s app ad some tools or media available which can be used to grow sales if companies can use the facilities of media as per the budget available from zero investment to infinity, various type of tools available in the market to communicate which can be used to boost the sales as well as grow the business.
  • Inventory Management: Managing the inventory is mandatory for every organization, using the technology it’s become easy to know the status of inventory and always stay updated with the stock available with the company.
  • Database: Database is the main can be procured for the future compliance and can be reused for the publicity purpose also.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Can keep records of every interaction with customer which gives you a healthy experience working on this will be beneficial for the company


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The above mentioned ways always going to help the packers and movers to build their business in a great way but always keep in mind that technology is double edged when it brings the people together. Due to wide option available in the market competition increase many fold, our companies keeping all these thing in mind giving their 100 % to satisfy the customers providing after sales service also. We doesn’t overlook the faults our team work on them and learn from the mistakes. Work with positive attitude and dedication. Vintage Relocation is keeping itself updated with new technology and try to use correctly in their business.

Tips to Pack your Kitchen Items Before Your Next Move

Kitchen items need extra attention to take care while moving. When you decide to move to a new address, your kitchen appliances are the most important items you will need to use when you reach at the new address. As most of the kitchen items are fragile, so, it needs extra care while packing.


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Here are some tips to pack kitchen appliances before you move.

Pack only what you Require

Mostly we add many appliances in our kitchen that are not necessary for us. These types of items may be in drawers, cupboards, etc. We can move to a new address without them easily. So, make a list and pack only important kitchen appliances which are the most important for you. Time of moving is a great time when you decides what you want in your kitchen and offer the opportunity to leave those unnecessary items.

Make a list of packing materials you will need

  • You will require small, medium and large size of packing boxes. Your kitchenware will safe in these boxes. From small to large packing boxes will safe your kitchenware from scratch.
  • Bubble wrap will save your glass and fragile items. Pack and stick all glass and fragile with bubble wrap to provide maximum safety.
  • Kitchen accessories need to mark properly to identify the most important kitchen tools when reach to a new destination.

Make a list of important kitchenware

In most of the kitchens there are many items which being rarely used, but most of the items you use often. You should make a list, based on priority of kitchenware. You will require those items you often use in your kitchen at your new address, so make most often used items list and pack them in separate boxes. Mark them as most important kitchen box. When you arrive at a new destination you can find your most important kitchenware easily.


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Pack all Knives and sharp items discretely

All knives and sharp items need extra attention while packing. Gather all sharp items in one place with one direction share edge. Wrap those most of their sharp edge direction and keep them in a separate box. When you will go for unpack those knives or sharp items, there would be minimum chances to get hurt.

Discard expired foods

Normally we put our foods in the fridge. Throw all fried or expired foods before moving. Those food items may be Fish, Chicken, Eggs, Frozen food, etc. These foods require fridge on fro freshness.

Utilize astronomically immense boxes for packing Kitchen appliances

We use modern kitchen gadgets. We should read the safety manuals before unplugged them from the kitchen. Some electronic items take a few seconds to unplugged and they may get damaged. You should use large packing boxes to keep them safe.


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So, if you decided to move, please keep all these points in your mind. If you need professional packers and movers services at your door, contact us today.

Finding a Quality Packers and Movers in Your Locality

Searching a quality good packer and mover just does not mean affordable cost service or stress free moving services.  A responsible  packers and movers always follows the business ethic they ensure the security of items and always follow a proper packing procedure and never run from the responsibility.  In present scenario it becomes a challenge to find a reliable Packers and movers. For fining the best service provider in this field you should be very clear plan that he should be more reliable reputed and caretaking.    As there are so many available in the market selecting a truly professional relocation provider can be a challenge. There are some very important things to be researched before booking a relocation company.


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  1. Registered company: This is the best way when you searching the relocation provider many of the companies will be ruled out. Look for the registered company Every professional packers and mover is required to registered under rule laid as per the Govt. As per Indian rule the company should be in state of holding GSNIN number.

Registered Packers and Movers in Delhi


  1. Educate yourself by reading reviews online: Always do the research before finalizing the packers and movers.  Go through with moving company reviews and ratings online or talk to the person who had availed the services earlier. Do not trust on the salesman sweet talks, Go for the reviews available on the Google or testimonials available on the website this will give you the better idea about the relocation provider these things shows the report card of the company. Please check website’s profile  as for reviews on your movers.


Educate yourself by reading reviews online



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  1. Survey:  Ask the Relocation provider to conduct a physical survey at the sight and take the quotation for the move and ask the services they will provide during the move like will they provide the packing, offloading transit insurance and how long they will take for the transit the good.


Survey for Packers and Movers sights


  1. Quality vs Quantity:   Comparing the quotation is always good but this should not be only the criteria because there are many frauds service provider available in the market who will provide a very low quote to get the deal fix but they will  not provide you the services which you expect. Quality   cannot be compared with any low a quality service vendors because there is a huge difference in service delivery between the low price Vs. quality service vendors, go with the good service provider, move is not only the move they move your values and asset which you earn in your life.

Quality vs Quanity


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Vintage Relocation: A Loyal Packers and Movers in Delhi NCR

Loyalty in any service is the key feature of success. Truth and dedication to serve best services to customers is Vintage Relocation’s motto. A long journey in packers and movers industry made us a reliable and loyal moving company in Delhi NCR.

We are loyal, we do not only saying this, when you visit our social media channels where customers can put their experiences, you can find what kind of services we are serving. Visit once our Google map reviews by our permanent customers. We do not encourage them to put their reviews, but when they got best moving experiences with us, they visited us and told to the entire world about us.

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What makes us Reliable and Loyal Packers and Movers?
We Offer 100% Safety for Your Move: Safety is major issue when people decide to move from one place to another. Your hard earned and heart touching belongings may get damaged while packing and moving. So, Vintage Relocation takes extra attention for safety. When we say we offer 100% safety for your belongings means we will do this. Our experienced and trained packers will make sure safety assurance while packing each household goods. They will come with Moving boxes, moving blankets, bubble wrap, packing paper, furniture and mattress covers, heavy duty tapes, marker pens.

We offer insurance for moving: As we mentioned earlier, safety is major key point and we take it as priority for each move. We offer insurance for each individual household items or complete insurance for whole household goods as a customer decides to take. Insurance prevent our customers from any sudden tragedy or miss-happening while packing and moving. Normally local customers don’t go with insurance but we suggest them for.

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We deliver on time at your new address: we are punctual and meet our timeline. Local moves are 100% delivered on time till date. Only a few moves got delayed due to heavy traffic jam, movement on roads, or anything else in long distance moves. Vintage Relocation’s on time delivery commitment gives assurance of hassle free and tiresome free process.

We offer trained and experienced packers and movers: Moving from one place to another new address is not a kid task. It kills your valuable times for a few days. Our trained and experienced packers and movers professionals are highly experienced in packing household goods, bike, car, antique items, fragile items with safety materials in few minutes. They are experts in disassembling large furniture items, Ac’s, electronic items and reassembling as well. Disassembling and reassembling furniture and electronic items could kill long time if you don’t have hands on experience. So, Vintage relocation’s professionals will do all in very short time.

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Vintage relocation is the name of loyal and reliable packers and movers who offers post move services as well. We are passionate about our moving services which provide quality moving experiences to our customers.

Our head office is in Delhi and we operate from head office. You can book our moving services for home shifting, office relocation for local and national (long distance) move.

6 Important Things to Know Before Moving at New Place in 2018

We assume relocation to a new place means stress and anxiety. When you get ready to relocate, can cause a bit of stress and worries. At the same time you realize you have lots of things or items that could be left and you do not want to take them with you at the new address. So, you need to spend some time to make a list of necessary household goods prior moving.


Important Points to Know Before Moving


Today we are going to talk about 6 major things to know before moving.

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Separate Your Daily Use Items: You know very well your daily needs in your home and which items are required from early morning to late night. Expect when you reach your new home, you should not waste your time in finding your brushes, bathroom items, home clothes, office dress, Puja Ghar Items, etc. So, prior to move you should make a list of all those items and keep them in boxes from where you can easily find them.

Make a List of non prior Items: Prior moving you should make a list of those households which can be packed before some days of moving, butbefore making this list you should be sure these items will not use very soon. In this list you can put your fragile, Photos, Antiques, Dolls, odd season clothes, etc. You can put them in separate boxes quite early before moving.

Make a List of Fragile Items: You should make a list of those items which can be damaged while moving. They may be your glass items, antiques, flowers, etc. They need extra care. You should pack them with protective materials for all those fragile items.

Put all packed boxes in a separate room, so, you can easily find those households which will need to pack on the same day of moving.

Hire a Reputable Moving Company: You should hire a professional packers and movers in Delhi, which gives the safety assurance of your households, insurances and on time delivery. Your hired packers and movers should be reputable and reliable in their business. Check their reputations in Google like in Google listings, Facebook pages, Local listing websites where customers put their reviews. So, you can find genuine from the big list of movers and packers for your move.

Ask Your Movers at Priority: You should ask your packers and movers company for all costing, ask them, are they will help in disassembling and reassembling electronic and furniture items before and after moving and when you reach at your new address will they rearrange all household goods as per your instructions. This facility saves lot of your valuable time.

Cross Checked List by you and Your Moving Company: You should have a detailed list of all household goods in your hand and all boxes should mark by which you can find your boxes easily. This list should be cross checked by you and a moving company representative also. In case of missing of your hard earned belongings they could check all those items again and track them where they gone by mistake.

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So, these valuable tips absolutely help you in the year of 2018 while you ready to relocate to a new place.

How to Get Stress Free Packers and Movers Services in Rohini, Delhi

Are you shifting in Rohini, Delhi or shifting from Rohini, Delhi to other places? In both cases you need to hire professional packers and movers who can offer you stress free outstanding moving services at reasonable charges. Do you know anyone who meets these requirements? If no, we would help you to find the best.

Vintage Relocation!! Yes!

If you are moving in or moving out of Rohini, Delhi, Vintage Relocation would be a great option for you as a packers and movers. Why?

Good Question?

Let me answer…

Vintage Relocation is one of the most reliable packers and movers in Delhi who offers top class moving services at reasonable charges. There are 4 major reasons to hire them for moving services in Rohini, Delhi:

  1. Vintage Relocation is Registered Company under Government of India
  2. They have highly experienced professionals team for Moving services
  3. They offers insurances for moving services
  4. They provide 100% safe and damage free moving services and meets timeline.

From the starting date of Vintage Relocation services, company had served their professional moving services to a number of customers in Rohini, Delhi. Some of them were from local shifting and some of them were for long distance moving. Our customers are our assets and for them, Vintage Relocation sets the highest safety measures while moving, which ensures damage free and safe relocation services.


Stress Free Packers and Movers in Rohini


How could you make your relocation stress free?

If you are involved in shifting process without any prior experience, then you could face stress while doing the boring packing process, loading them on the vehicle and unload them in the new place and after that re-arrange them at the right places in your new home. All process could take a long time, which could come up with tiresome and hassled moving services for you. If you do not want any stress while shifting hire professionals who can do these processes in a little time.

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How they make sure 100% safe moving?

To keep household goods very safe while moving Vintage Relocation uses their own packing materials like Cartoon boxes, Foams, Plastics, Mattresses and other organic materials. They do not use their packing materials which were used in previous moving. Vintage Relocation uses very new packing materials for each customer.  They use special safety measures to keep your hard earning items very safe. Packing household goods in boxes are an art, not every person can do it properly. Vintage Relocation packers and mover team members are highly experienced and trained in packing which makes your household goods very safe.

So, when you get safe, damage free, on time delivery without your physical involvement at reasonable charges, then you can say that you got stress free packers and movers services in Rohini, Delhi.

Which one is Most Reliable Packers and Movers in Dwarka, Delhi

Dwarka is located in the district of South West Delhi, very near to the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Dwarka Delhi is known as one of the organized cooperative groups, housing societies in India with a population of more than 11 lacs. Sub cities of Dwarka are well connected with roads and metros with major parts of the city.


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The majority of people living in Dwarka are working professionals who are working in Gurgaon, Janakpuri, Noida and other places in Delhi NCR. Most of them are in private companies which mean they change their jobs frequently. Many times people change their job in other metro cities of India like Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc or many times from other cities people come to Dwarka for their job. Connectivity with Gurgaon, which is known as IT hub in Delhi NCR is very good. So, people prefer to live in Dwarka also. They always look for best packers and movers in their city while they need relocations services.


Reliable Packers and Movers in Dwarka


When you Goolge, number of packers and movers come up, but those results are enough for confusion to choose most reliable from the list. Then how you choose the most reliable packers and movers in Dwarka now?

Vintage Relocation is one of the most reliable and best packers and movers in Dwarka, Delhi, which are known for their professional moving services. Satisfaction rates of their customers are very high therefore they have a large number of returning customers and referred customers. Vintage Relocation have a very experienced team for Packing, Loading and Unloading, disassembling and reassembling for the different processes of moving services.

How You are Reliable?

To prove the reliability you need to see the reviews and testimonials of customers given for Vintage Relocation’s Packers and Movers services.

Check the customer reviews:

Packers and Movers in Dwarka


About Vintage Relocation’s Journey:

Two enthusiastic men were started this company after glorious service in Indian Air Force for more than 20 years. They felt relocation problems during their glorious service period many times and lack of quality, safety in competitive prices is one of the major factors which encouraged them to move in packers and movers industry.  They are very professional in their business and their team is well trained and experienced in moving services. They keep a close eye on each process while moving services and they makes sure for 100% safe and damage free relocation services. In a very few months it has become one of the most reliable packers and movers in Dwarka.

The vintage Relocation head office is very near to Dwarka. They offer local and non local moving services in or from Dwarka at competitive prices. One can call them for a quotation or visit their website to know more details about their services.

So if you need relocation services in Dwarka, Delhi or for Dwarka to anywhere in Pan India you can visit their office physically:

WZ – 48, Shop No G-5, ShyamJi Complex, Gali No. – 1, Sadh Nagar, Palam Colony,

New Delhi, Delhi 110045

Or Call them on: 098118 86942, 098118 86941

Top 6 Benefits of Hiring Packers and Movers in Delhi India

Professional Packers and Movers do not save you only from the tiresome shifting process, but it saves you from many possible unwanted happenings. Hiring a professional Packers and Movers means not only they do all process of shifting from the old place to the new location, but you can get benefit from moving companies in many ways.

Here we are going to highlight some important benefits while hiring movers and packers. Keep attention to these points:


Benefits to Hire Packers and Movers in Delhi


Saves Your Time:

Today time is more valuable than money. If you are non-experienced in shifting processes and you have to shift from the old place to the new place, the whole shifting process could take more than a week. Professional Packers and Movers works with highly experienced professionals who can pack all household goods in safe boxes in only a few hours. They will load all household goods for moving and unload them at the destination place in a short time. It saves a lot of your valuable time and saves you from tiresome and hectic shifting processes.


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Disassemble all of Your Furniture Items

Disassembling all furniture items is very hectic task for non-experienced person, but for professionals this is very easy and they can do it very quickly. Sofa, Bed, Furniture, Tables and Dining Tables could take long time for disassembling and at the time of disassembling there are always chances to get damage anything. So, hiring professional movers is always a good idea of moving.


Saves Your Antique, Unique and Glass Items

Antique and unique items are hard earned household items which need more attention while moving. Whereas glass items are very challenging to keep safe while moving and if you are moving for a long distance then damage chances increases. If you hire professional packers and movers, then they will keep all those items in their safe boxes by using foams and other safety things. They have hands on experiences to pack, load, unload and unpack those items. So, hiring professionals will give the assurance to keep all your valuable household goods very safe.


They Come with Packaging Materials

Professional Packers and Movers come with small to big size cartoon boxes, foams, Plastics, sealing items, ropes, cardboard, etc. which makes 100% safe moving processes. So, you don’t need to worry about this.


They Offer Insurances for Moving

Insurances keep you safe from upcoming problems. Suppose a moving vehicle gets accident on which your households were running, then, nothing to worry at these types of situation because you are insured and the insurance company will pay you for losses. Professional Packers always offer you insurance for moving.


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Reassembling and Rearranging Services

While reached at your new destination if you want, they can unpack all household goods, re-assemble all furniture items and rearrange all items at their right place as per your suggestion.

These 6 benefits always encourage you to hire packers and movers in Delhi. So, if you love to your hard earned household goods and want to save the time, Hire Packers and Movers.

Top 6 Important Questions to Ask when Hiring Packers and Movers in Delhi India

Packers and Movers industry is an unorganized business sector in India. This is common to see a single small vehicle owner is offering moving services nearby. Those types of packers and movers could not offer safety assurances for household goods, insurance and other commitments.

So, ask top 6 questions before hiring any packers and movers in your city.

1.) Are you registered packers and movers? : This is very important questions you should ask to them first. If they are registered under the Indian company Act they should have CIN, DIN, GST and PAN numbers. Registered movers have always, a registered physical address. You can visit their office at the time of any types of queries.


Registered Packers and Movers Company in Delhi


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2.) Are they offering insurance for household goods or office entities? : Another important question related to insurances before moving. In case of any miss happening with your household goods which is your hard earned assets insurance companies will pay you. Suppose, the vehicle on which your household goods are moving suddenly get an accident on the way, then who will be responsible for this unwanted situation. If you are not insured before moving then Movers Company will not pay you in this situation but insurance companies will pay you.


Moving Services Insurance


3.) Is your Packaging materials are safe for moving? : Another important question. This is very important to keep your hard earned household goods very safe while moving. Some best packers and movers use the very safe boxes, cartoons and foams keep each household item very safe. They use special tapes for binding and sealing the boxes. These will keep all moving items safe while running the vehicle on the road.


Safe Packaging Materials at Vintage Relocation












4.) Have you Professional Team for Moving Services? : Packers and movers who are working with professional team, they can make sure 100% safe moving services for you. Professionals, who have an excellent experienced in Packing, Loading and unloading make differences. Chances to get damage for any household goods while whole process of moving is very low. They have hands on experiences to work with different types of packing, loading and unloading services for home and offices.


Packers and Movers Dwarka


5.) Are they having own vehicles for moving? : This question is relates to your moving services costing. If the packers and movers own their vehicles for moving services then they can offer you low prices moving.  But to have own vehicles for moving services is not easy for small and medium size packers and movers. In India there are only few moving companies who have their own vehicles for moving services. Whereas small and medium size moving companies always hires vehicles before moving, but overall moving service prices do not depend on this point only. There are many packers and movers in metro cities in India who are offering very lowest moving services relatively. So, to go with small and medium size packers and movers does not harm you.


Packers and Movers in Delhi


6.) What are your Payment Conditions? : Some packers and movers do not offer flexibility in payments but some do. You can pay half or quarter of your payment on the date of delivery. This facility makes many people satisfied while moving. It depends on packers and movers company norms. But the assurance of safety is much more important than flexible payment option.

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