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Vintage Relocation: A Loyal Packers and Movers in Delhi NCR

Loyalty in any service is the key feature of success. Truth and dedication to serve best services to customers is Vintage Relocation’s motto. A long journey in packers and movers industry made us a reliable and loyal moving company in Delhi NCR.

We are loyal, we do not only saying this, when you visit our social media channels where customers can put their experiences, you can find what kind of services we are serving. Visit once our Google map reviews by our permanent customers. We do not encourage them to put their reviews, but when they got best moving experiences with us, they visited us and told to the entire world about us.

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What makes us Reliable and Loyal Packers and Movers?
We Offer 100% Safety for Your Move: Safety is major issue when people decide to move from one place to another. Your hard earned and heart touching belongings may get damaged while packing and moving. So, Vintage Relocation takes extra attention for safety. When we say we offer 100% safety for your belongings means we will do this. Our experienced and trained packers will make sure safety assurance while packing each household goods. They will come with Moving boxes, moving blankets, bubble wrap, packing paper, furniture and mattress covers, heavy duty tapes, marker pens.

We offer insurance for moving: As we mentioned earlier, safety is major key point and we take it as priority for each move. We offer insurance for each individual household items or complete insurance for whole household goods as a customer decides to take. Insurance prevent our customers from any sudden tragedy or miss-happening while packing and moving. Normally local customers don’t go with insurance but we suggest them for.

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We deliver on time at your new address: we are punctual and meet our timeline. Local moves are 100% delivered on time till date. Only a few moves got delayed due to heavy traffic jam, movement on roads, or anything else in long distance moves. Vintage Relocation’s on time delivery commitment gives assurance of hassle free and tiresome free process.

We offer trained and experienced packers and movers: Moving from one place to another new address is not a kid task. It kills your valuable times for a few days. Our trained and experienced packers and movers professionals are highly experienced in packing household goods, bike, car, antique items, fragile items with safety materials in few minutes. They are experts in disassembling large furniture items, Ac’s, electronic items and reassembling as well. Disassembling and reassembling furniture and electronic items could kill long time if you don’t have hands on experience. So, Vintage relocation’s professionals will do all in very short time.

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Vintage relocation is the name of loyal and reliable packers and movers who offers post move services as well. We are passionate about our moving services which provide quality moving experiences to our customers.

Our head office is in Delhi and we operate from head office. You can book our moving services for home shifting, office relocation for local and national (long distance) move.

Top 6 Important Questions to Ask when Hiring Packers and Movers in Delhi India

Packers and Movers industry is an unorganized business sector in India. This is common to see a single small vehicle owner is offering moving services nearby. Those types of packers and movers could not offer safety assurances for household goods, insurance and other commitments.

So, ask top 6 questions before hiring any packers and movers in your city.

1.) Are you registered packers and movers? : This is very important questions you should ask to them first. If they are registered under the Indian company Act they should have CIN, DIN, GST and PAN numbers. Registered movers have always, a registered physical address. You can visit their office at the time of any types of queries.


Registered Packers and Movers Company in Delhi


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2.) Are they offering insurance for household goods or office entities? : Another important question related to insurances before moving. In case of any miss happening with your household goods which is your hard earned assets insurance companies will pay you. Suppose, the vehicle on which your household goods are moving suddenly get an accident on the way, then who will be responsible for this unwanted situation. If you are not insured before moving then Movers Company will not pay you in this situation but insurance companies will pay you.


Moving Services Insurance


3.) Is your Packaging materials are safe for moving? : Another important question. This is very important to keep your hard earned household goods very safe while moving. Some best packers and movers use the very safe boxes, cartoons and foams keep each household item very safe. They use special tapes for binding and sealing the boxes. These will keep all moving items safe while running the vehicle on the road.


Safe Packaging Materials at Vintage Relocation












4.) Have you Professional Team for Moving Services? : Packers and movers who are working with professional team, they can make sure 100% safe moving services for you. Professionals, who have an excellent experienced in Packing, Loading and unloading make differences. Chances to get damage for any household goods while whole process of moving is very low. They have hands on experiences to work with different types of packing, loading and unloading services for home and offices.


Packers and Movers Dwarka


5.) Are they having own vehicles for moving? : This question is relates to your moving services costing. If the packers and movers own their vehicles for moving services then they can offer you low prices moving.  But to have own vehicles for moving services is not easy for small and medium size packers and movers. In India there are only few moving companies who have their own vehicles for moving services. Whereas small and medium size moving companies always hires vehicles before moving, but overall moving service prices do not depend on this point only. There are many packers and movers in metro cities in India who are offering very lowest moving services relatively. So, to go with small and medium size packers and movers does not harm you.


Packers and Movers in Delhi


6.) What are your Payment Conditions? : Some packers and movers do not offer flexibility in payments but some do. You can pay half or quarter of your payment on the date of delivery. This facility makes many people satisfied while moving. It depends on packers and movers company norms. But the assurance of safety is much more important than flexible payment option.

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Why Packers and Movers Industry is Rising Tremendously in Metro Cities?

We are living with very busy schedules, especially if we are in metro cities in India. Population of metro cities is rapidly increasing more than other parts of India. Living standards are very high in comparison to other parts of India. People easily get jobs in private companies, whereas to get a job for them in their villages is not an easy. Migration of population from rural areas to urban areas to seeking job opportunities is a major reason behind urban area population.


So, what is a co-relation between packers and movers industry and these urban area populations?

Actually, a demand of packers and movers services depending on population of cities, nature of people living there, living standards of people in cities and work culture. Metro cities are very ideal place where packers and movers industry may grow tremendously.

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As we mentioned above, people easily get a private job in metro cities where they are bound to work for 9-12 hours per day. In most of the MNC’s employees work for 9 hours on weekdays and they spends 1-2.5 hours in traffic daily. In many sectors people have been working for 12 hours in a day. To get off from office is not an easy task. So, in this work culture people do not have so much time for extra curriculum. They want to spend their maximum time with their families on weekends only. Time is the biggest reason behind rising packers and movers industry in major cities.

Home / Office Relocation it is a hectic job which needs a few days to pack all household goods or office entities with safety in boxes. If you do not have any prior experience in shifting then this would be very tiresome task for you. There is always the chance to damage your valuable items while shifting. Here, only professional packers and movers can help you in relocating from one place to another place.

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Bangalore is known as IT hub in India and population is more than 10 crores in the year of 2017 where more than 3000 people are searching for packers and movers services daily in this city, so you can imagine how this is the biggest customer market for packers and movers industry. Delhi is the capital of India and the population is near about 3 crores where more than 2000 people are searching daily for packers and movers nearby. This is not the story of only two major cities of India but the overall data showing there are huge opportunities for packers and movers companies in metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Noida, Gurgaon, Pune, etc. where more than thousands of people are search in Google for moving services daily. These figures are only from Google and there are many other places where people go for finds their best movers.

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In metro cities, people daily relocating or shifting from one place to another in huge number. Some are relocating for next job posting in government sector, some are relocating for their next job in another city with better salary package, some are shifting their office from one place to another place, and so, the reason could be anything. For relocation, they need moving services that can make their relocation process absolutely hassle free.

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