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Easy Moving with Packers and Movers ( Dwarka, Delhi)

To work with new company or to develop new skills may be others many others reasons to shift the household  from one place to others, may be any reason for shifting, now the time for hunting the reliable Relocation providers who can provide hassle free moving. The good packers and moving company provide you a safe secure and tension free shifting.

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There is lot of service providers available in Delhi/NCR but you have to work out for finding the best one among them, sources can be use  like reference, print media or Google  also available for this facility. Among the best companies Vintage Relocation is also emerging leader in this field a reliable company which is run by ex soldiers and there is famous quote by John Kegan about soldiers that     Soldiers, when committed to a task, can’t compromise. It’s unrelenting devotion to the standards of duty and courage, absolute loyalty to others, not letting the task go until it’s been done” so Vintage Relocation is itself is a name of trust.


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To avoid the fraud companies in this field you must go for a proper research or you can directly go for a Vintage Relocation who offer you the best services and provide you a transit insurance which assures if any goods gets damage then there will be insurance available for that. The services in this sector which Vintage Relocation provide are as follows.


(i).       Local Move: Move within Delhi/NCR , many service providers available in the market, we ensure that the move should be in a way that the customer feel the positivity of our team, positive attitude of our team effect our work and improves the quality.


(ii)       Inter state move: Move in Delhi or outside Delhi Vintage Relocation presence is pan India we provide the quality across the country our team resolve the problems with professionalism we know that no one is perfect but if any things not going in a right way then our team resolves the problem in a professional manner.


(iii)      Vehicle Transportation: Car Transportation service, Vintage relocation provides you the service equipped with latest technologies and ensures the vehicle is to be transported in their carriers only. Vintage Relocations takes utmost care of your vehicle, we value your feeling and feels pride in taking care of your valued goods. We know that are not carrying the car only we feels the feeling we know we carrying the memories with us.


(iv)      Warehousing/Storage: We offers warehousing/ storage facility also to customers.


Finding a Quality Packers and Movers in Your Locality



Use of Technology in Packers and Movers Industry

Forget 1980 now you are in world of technology where daily new inventions are happening, IT plays very important role in shaping the small business.

Packers and movers business seems to be very traditional and unorganized sector, technology plays a great role in making this sector to organized. Those days are gone when packing and moving being run by the transporters normally use to hire and transfer goods. Using of technology is always help in organizing the business like using of mobile technology in this business helps much in upgrading the quality and discipline, using the GPS tracking system also upgraded this sector performance. It is proved that using of right technology always helpful for boosting the sales and quality service.


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How technology is helping the Packers and movers business:-

  • Communication: Technology makes a approach easy and simple packing and moving can easily grow by using Google Ads, face book, What’s app ad some tools or media available which can be used to grow sales if companies can use the facilities of media as per the budget available from zero investment to infinity, various type of tools available in the market to communicate which can be used to boost the sales as well as grow the business.
  • Inventory Management: Managing the inventory is mandatory for every organization, using the technology it’s become easy to know the status of inventory and always stay updated with the stock available with the company.
  • Database: Database is the main can be procured for the future compliance and can be reused for the publicity purpose also.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Can keep records of every interaction with customer which gives you a healthy experience working on this will be beneficial for the company


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The above mentioned ways always going to help the packers and movers to build their business in a great way but always keep in mind that technology is double edged when it brings the people together. Due to wide option available in the market competition increase many fold, our companies keeping all these thing in mind giving their 100 % to satisfy the customers providing after sales service also. We doesn’t overlook the faults our team work on them and learn from the mistakes. Work with positive attitude and dedication. Vintage Relocation is keeping itself updated with new technology and try to use correctly in their business.

Tips to Pack your Kitchen Items Before Your Next Move

Kitchen items need extra attention to take care while moving. When you decide to move to a new address, your kitchen appliances are the most important items you will need to use when you reach at the new address. As most of the kitchen items are fragile, so, it needs extra care while packing.


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Here are some tips to pack kitchen appliances before you move.

Pack only what you Require

Mostly we add many appliances in our kitchen that are not necessary for us. These types of items may be in drawers, cupboards, etc. We can move to a new address without them easily. So, make a list and pack only important kitchen appliances which are the most important for you. Time of moving is a great time when you decides what you want in your kitchen and offer the opportunity to leave those unnecessary items.

Make a list of packing materials you will need

  • You will require small, medium and large size of packing boxes. Your kitchenware will safe in these boxes. From small to large packing boxes will safe your kitchenware from scratch.
  • Bubble wrap will save your glass and fragile items. Pack and stick all glass and fragile with bubble wrap to provide maximum safety.
  • Kitchen accessories need to mark properly to identify the most important kitchen tools when reach to a new destination.

Make a list of important kitchenware

In most of the kitchens there are many items which being rarely used, but most of the items you use often. You should make a list, based on priority of kitchenware. You will require those items you often use in your kitchen at your new address, so make most often used items list and pack them in separate boxes. Mark them as most important kitchen box. When you arrive at a new destination you can find your most important kitchenware easily.


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Pack all Knives and sharp items discretely

All knives and sharp items need extra attention while packing. Gather all sharp items in one place with one direction share edge. Wrap those most of their sharp edge direction and keep them in a separate box. When you will go for unpack those knives or sharp items, there would be minimum chances to get hurt.

Discard expired foods

Normally we put our foods in the fridge. Throw all fried or expired foods before moving. Those food items may be Fish, Chicken, Eggs, Frozen food, etc. These foods require fridge on fro freshness.

Utilize astronomically immense boxes for packing Kitchen appliances

We use modern kitchen gadgets. We should read the safety manuals before unplugged them from the kitchen. Some electronic items take a few seconds to unplugged and they may get damaged. You should use large packing boxes to keep them safe.


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So, if you decided to move, please keep all these points in your mind. If you need professional packers and movers services at your door, contact us today.

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