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6 Important Things to Know Before Moving at New Place in 2018

We assume relocation to a new place means stress and anxiety. When you get ready to relocate, can cause a bit of stress and worries. At the same time you realize you have lots of things or items that could be left and you do not want to take them with you at the new address. So, you need to spend some time to make a list of necessary household goods prior moving.


Important Points to Know Before Moving


Today we are going to talk about 6 major things to know before moving.

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Separate Your Daily Use Items: You know very well your daily needs in your home and which items are required from early morning to late night. Expect when you reach your new home, you should not waste your time in finding your brushes, bathroom items, home clothes, office dress, Puja Ghar Items, etc. So, prior to move you should make a list of all those items and keep them in boxes from where you can easily find them.

Make a List of non prior Items: Prior moving you should make a list of those households which can be packed before some days of moving, butbefore making this list you should be sure these items will not use very soon. In this list you can put your fragile, Photos, Antiques, Dolls, odd season clothes, etc. You can put them in separate boxes quite early before moving.

Make a List of Fragile Items: You should make a list of those items which can be damaged while moving. They may be your glass items, antiques, flowers, etc. They need extra care. You should pack them with protective materials for all those fragile items.

Put all packed boxes in a separate room, so, you can easily find those households which will need to pack on the same day of moving.

Hire a Reputable Moving Company: You should hire a professional packers and movers in Delhi, which gives the safety assurance of your households, insurances and on time delivery. Your hired packers and movers should be reputable and reliable in their business. Check their reputations in Google like in Google listings, Facebook pages, Local listing websites where customers put their reviews. So, you can find genuine from the big list of movers and packers for your move.

Ask Your Movers at Priority: You should ask your packers and movers company for all costing, ask them, are they will help in disassembling and reassembling electronic and furniture items before and after moving and when you reach at your new address will they rearrange all household goods as per your instructions. This facility saves lot of your valuable time.

Cross Checked List by you and Your Moving Company: You should have a detailed list of all household goods in your hand and all boxes should mark by which you can find your boxes easily. This list should be cross checked by you and a moving company representative also. In case of missing of your hard earned belongings they could check all those items again and track them where they gone by mistake.

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So, these valuable tips absolutely help you in the year of 2018 while you ready to relocate to a new place.

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