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Common Mistakes Made While Packing and Moving

Moving homes is might be easy these days because plenty of packers and movers available in market, but practically Packing and shifting of entire household goods is not going to be easy, unless you have done it several times There are many complications from arranging appropriate packing materials to finding labor, truck, insurance and all is not going to be easy.

Moving homes is not just transporting goods from one house to another. It involves a lot of things all integrated into a single chain. If the first step goes wrong, the whole process might get in jeopardy. Therefore, when packing and moving be careful try to avoid these common mistakes and save yourself from unnecessary hassle and trouble:

Lack of Proper planning

It is very important to plan everything well in advance.  Packing the items  randomly as and when you wish will only result in wasted time and building tension. Don’t even attempt to make this deadly mistake. Planning can make all the difference. It’s always better to inspect your house carefully and prepare a list of items you would like to take along Plan day-by-day calendar listing things you need to pack each day until the moving day. You can also plan for packing things room-by-room starting from the guest room, living room and finally kitchen and bathroom.

Packing of items must be customised and prioritised depending on your specific needs. Once your planning is ready, stick to it and you will be enjoy and realize how the difficult  job of packing and moving turn into a joyride.

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Waiting for the last minute

Rushing through the process at the last minutes is going to create more hassles and chaos, and I am sure you don’t want that, Normally seen that majority of people is believe that they have more time to do things than they actually have, you must plan and organize your move to avoid last minute chaos.  First of all, decide your moving out date, whether it is the end of your leasing period, joining date for your new job or just possession of your new house.

Once you have your moving out date finalised, count back to 6-8 weeks. You will need all this time to transfer gas connections, inform vendors, settle bills, sort out your belongings,  hiring movers, kids school transfer certificates and of course for packing.

If you plan things way ahead, you won’t be panic if a sudden unexpected task come.


Marking of Items

Do not believe in infallible visual memory, because of this belief people do not marked their boxes and kept in their head that which item in placed in which box or cartons.

Practically they creates confusion for themselves,  The situation in the new home will be very different from that of your current home, The huge piles of non-labelled boxes added with all the stress of loading, unloading and moving can easily confuse even the most observant person.

Marking of boxes will not only help in identify your belongings but it will help the loading or off loading team to identify fragile items or any other goods that need extra special care while loading/of loading.

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Ignoring the Insurance

Most common tendency of not getting insurance done while moving the goods. Your goods might properly pack and safely handled to avoid sort of damage, But there are certain things which are beyond our control, and if anything goes wrong, the insurance can be the only savior. Transit insurance is very cheap by spending some rupees you can get peace of mind.

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How Vintage Relocate Packers and Movers are Different from Others in India

Vintage Relocation is the name of trust for the packers and movers services in India. They are not only offering moving services across Delhi NCR but they are making relationship with their customers. In the very few months from the scratch they have made a long list of satisfied hundreds of customers in Delhi. Vintage Relocation offers moving services in all over India specially in Delhi, Gurgaon, Dwarka, etc.


Why Vintage Relocation are different?

Founders of Vintage Relocation are from Indian Air Force background and they have served more than 20+ years of service in IAF. During their service period they shifted and relocated many times.They observed very closely all process while moving. So, they knows very well the values of your household, electronic items, glass items, bikes, scooters, cars and all things. They knows the value of hard earned households. Both founders are very professional and keep close eye on each shifting process and assures on time delivery without a single scratch at very reliable coasting.

See here why Vintage Relocate Packers and Movers should be first choice for you for moving services in India.


Key Points of Vintage Relocation
On Time Delivery:
We assured on time deliver for each and every shifting. We knows the value of time. We tries to meed our timeline. Our many customers happy with our on time household delivery.

Door to Door Service:
we offer door to door packers and movers services in India. You need to call us only and we will reach to your door. Our professional packers team make the list of items which will delivered and start to pack all households with safety. Our team will move after packing all items and unload at the destination address.

Safety Assurance:
We make sure each items safety in four layers. First is while packing. We assure our each customers we will provide our best professional team who can pack your each and every household items with 100% safety. We packs each items with 3-5 layers of carton and with other packing items. In second layer we keep close eye while your items loading on trucks and other vehicle. Safe and secure loading is our commitment and we meets our all commitments. In third layer we make sure your all household items will safe while moving from jerk and other threats. In fourth layer we make sure all items will unload without any single scratch at your door. Our professional packers and movers specialist will unload all items at destination.

Documentation Support:
We will offer all legal documents at the time of moving. We follow all legal process and move with packing and transit documents.

Easy Pricing for Trunks and Boxes:
We do not charges very much for trunks and boxes. We offers reliable and competitive pricing for moving trunks and boxes.

Lowest Prices Moving Services:
Vintage Relocation made a long list of satisfied customers in very short period of time and the lowest prices are the very important factor behind this because we charges only genuine prices. We meets all commitments with very low cost moving / shifting services.

We are spreading our wings and starting our new branches in other cities apart from Delhi. We started the services for packers and movers in Delhi from our Palam office. Now we are going to start new Vintage Relocate branch in Gurgaon, Haryana in this September 2017.

So if you are in Gurgaon and needs to any kind of services for packers and movers in Gurgaon you can contact us.

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